Maximize Your Online Donations

We give you the tools to improve your online giving in four simple steps.

Start with the cleanest donation process

Add your customizable donation forms anywhere you want to accept donations. Simply point and click to update styles and fields or apply an existing CSS style sheet. Don’t care about styling? No problem! Our default form is beautiful and effective with no customization required.

Embed your forms anywhere

These smart forms can track campaigns, fundraisers, and will adapt to the space they are embedded.

Start taking donations... everywhere!

Hit the streets with your new forms in place. They are ready for any device and any occasion.

Use insights to maximize donation efforts

With all your donor data in one place, use our key insights dashboard to make data-driven strategies for getting the most out of your fundraising efforts. If you want to take your data elsewhere, our filtering and exporting allows for that too.

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2% or $20 max per transaction
50¢ per new user

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