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Donately Home Screen

Simple and
Pain Free Giving

There’s one thing we know: simple design raises more money. Our beautifully designed donation forms are easy to customize and embed in your website. You can also create custom campaign pages that are designed to transform your site visitors into active donors.

Donately Dashboard

Simple and
Relevant Insights

Relevant and easy to understand data is crucial to creating successful fundraising. We give you insights that tell you about your donors and what motivates them to give. You don’t have to sludge through mountains of data trying to discover what’s useful. We do it for you.

Push donor data to Intercom for robust customer support.

Add donors automatically to Mailchimp lists for easy email marketing.

Add donation data to Salesforce for robust tracking and customer relations.

Simple API

We focus on what we do best: simplifying your fundraising so you can grow your impact. We don’t build clunky and expensive software. Instead we’ve made a simple and powerful API that allows you to easily integrate with other web apps you love. Yup, that’s why we’re here… to make your life simpler.

Simple Pricing

Our pricing model fits every organization.

No Monthly fees, No Setup fees, No Integration fees.

We keep it simple and cost effective for you. See our pricing page for more info.

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